Designer, Moshi Monsters


Community Editor


Mind Candy


Feb. 2008 – Sept. 2015


I managed the Moshi Monsters blog for nearly eight years in my role as Community Editor for Mind Candy, a London-based gaming company. I was initially attracted to the Moshi brand because of the vibrant, cute artwork and aesthetic. In my early days at Mind Candy, I wore many different hats including moderation management and customer service, but I fell into a creative role right away, playing a major part in creating the brand voice, doing design work for the blog, and developing the characters. These images were designed for the Moshi Monsters blog as well as our social channels.

The Moshi Monsters had pets, called Moshlings, that were grouped into sets. This flow chart helps you figure out which set you’d fit into best.

Scare Bears were items in the Moshi Monsters game (toys for the monsters). This was a feature where kids were asked to pick their favorite Scare Bear and the one they picked would tell them something about their personalities.

For Star Wars Day

Lots of drop shadows, character placement, and I added the burger so the character was holding it.

Priscilla the Princess Pony

Waldo the Tabby Nerdicat

Humphrey the Snoring Hickopotomus


Tiki the Pilfering Toucan

Leo the Abominable Snowling

Coolio, Hansel, Oddie, and Cutie Pie

Flumpy, Dipsy, IGGY, and Honey

Hansel the Psycho Gingerboy

I made a lot of these puzzles but this one is one of my favorites.

Big Bad Bill the Woolly Blue Hoodoo

O’Really the Unlucky Larrikin

Chop Chop the Cheeky Chimp

Cap’n Buck E. Barnacle (I named this character too)

Nicknacks set

Zoshlings are an alien species of Moshlings

DJ Quack the Disco Duckie

The Fishies are from Bleurgh Lagoon

For this image, I altered existing vectors to create a new scene featuring scrambled letters to spell "Misty," the new character’s name.

This is the original crew drinking champagne the night we launched paid subscriptions back in 2009. Just a few years after this we had over 80 million users across the globe, a gold album, a movie, and consumer products on shelves across the UK.