Designer, PopJam

Social Channels


Community Editor


Mind Candy


2014 – 2015


Mind Candy developed a mobile app for kids called PopJam, which was a creative community for kids to share artwork, make friends, and follow their favorite topics. In its early days we thought of it as an Instagram just for kids but it turned into much more of an art community.

I ran three official PopJam channels, "This or That," based on the classic game, "Facts," which was a collection of amusing facts, and "Cats," which was funny cat photos. It was a dream come true to search for weird cat pictures as part of my day job.

For each channel, I had to come up with the ideas, source images, and compose the posts and hashtags.

Every day can’t be a say-something-hat-day, so, skates.

Definitely the unicorn.

I’m undecided on this one.

This one was for the Facts channel.

Can’t imagine why they scrapped the name Dumpy.


CATS! My favorite PopJam channel. We featured a Cat of the Week and kids would post photos of their cats and it was amazing to see how much cat-love is out there. Sure, it’s impossible to hug all the cats, but I’m pretty sure I came close to posting them all on my channel.

We did a partnership with a local London animal shelter on the CATS channel.

This was always popular with the kids on PopJam.